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"Yeah, my prom date had ponytails...under her arms!"

Everyone who is a JFK bandie at heart
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I know you all are out there. If you attend John F. Kennedy Memorial High School and are in band, this is your home. If you just attend JFK and you adore all of the members (someone like Mary White) you can also join. If you are a friend or family member of a JFK Bandie, you can also join. AND, as an update, you can also join if your a bandie-be. That would be a JFK bandie wannabe. Really, its rather loose. Keep it clean though. That means YOU Trevor.

Rules? Well...lets see:
1) Be supportive of the band.
2) Don't "hate" on eachother. Yes, me, Anna De Marre, just said "hate" in an odd sense. Get over it.
3) Post any and all band pictures you have. We love to see them. Trust me.
4) Don't advertise other communities. I don't mean to sound like a have a stick the size of Montana up my ass, but really, this isn't what this community is for.
5) Love Nora. The community was her idea, I just took the initiative to do it.

Icons + other micellaneous bandie things to come. I'm already making some...

Now for logos...images...promote schtuff...and other various things.

The first is our promote banner, which looks like so...

To promote with it, you put this:

<+a href="http://www.livejournal.com/~jfkbandies"+><+img src="img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v427/blue_eyez916/CommunityLogo.gif" border="0" /+><+/a+>

into the entry/comment, but take out the plus signs (+).
aaron, all-black shoes, alto saxophone, band, baritone, basketball, basson, bsharp, cadences, clarinet, colonel bogey, drums, fall retreat, flute, football, french horn, gilbert, janine, jfk, mr. paynton, oboe, percussion, plumes, seafair, seafair pirates, sousa, summer band, tenor saxophone, the organ unit, torchlight parade, trombone, trumpet, tuba, wenatchee apple blossom, wool uniforms, you've been had!